Care Instructions

Your AYMER MARIA jewellery is a precious and highly distinguished piece which requires care and attention. By simply taking a few considerations in the use and maintenance of it, you will help in preserving its beauty over a long period of time.


Your jewellery should be cleaned regularly. You can do this by simply using a very soft brush and soapy water to clean it, then rinse your piece with clean lukewarm water.

• You might consider removing your jewellery when washing your hands, before going to sleep, practicing any sport, or using corrosive products that could permanently damage precious metal.

Avoid contact with Fragrance, alcohol, ammonia, chlorine, and cosmetics.

• Keep your pieces away from intense sources of heat and extreme temperature changes. 

• To help prevent damage or loss of your jewels, consider storing them individually in their original box or pouch after wearing them; contact with other jewellery pieces could cause scratches.