AYMER MARIA is a London-based jewellery brand whose design focus of bringing to life pieces of jewellery art, centres around the build world around us; namely ancient architectural influence.

As a London born, Afro-Caribbean British jeweller, founder Ruth Aymer displays a different approach to jewellery design; as her work is strongly influenced by her West African heritage, where jewellery has historically been worn as regalia and long been prized as holding precious, powerful qualities. Ruth seeks to pay homage to the build world around us as she feels this influences our very existence, with her collections being influenced by notable structures found in ancient Greco-Roman Classical architecture, to religious buildings throughout the Malian Empire in Africa.  

Taking imagined architectural form and reimagining it into jewellery creations has meant Ruth has been able to etch out her own distinguished aesthetic.

Ruth Aymer launched her debut jewellery collection “PILASTRO” in 2021, initially a series of 18ct carat hand-crafted gold rings inspired by ancient Greco-Roman architectural brilliance, displayed in pure, precious materials, gaining her instant acclaim and recognition. The collection now boasts neckpieces, pendants, and earrings of which all display distinguishable elements of classical architecture.

Aymer takes a stance on ethical production practices, ensuring harm-free materials are used alongside recycled, traceable precious metals. Ruth Aymer’s art-like objects are to be treasured, making them timeless pieces. 

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